Characteristics of the Gifted & Talented


Specific Academic



Visual / Performing

  • Learns rapidly with little exposure
  • Asks thought-provoking questions
  • Makes exceptional mental connections using logical or analytical thinking in unique ways
  • Displays high levels of thinking and multiple perspectives
  • Enjoys self-directed learning
  • May display complex humor
  • May not be motivated by grades
  • Ponders with depth and multiple perspectives
  • Already knows
  • Infers and connects concepts
  • Is beyond the group
  • Is curious
  • Easily recalls and applies content learned
  • Demonstrates subject expertise on assessments
  • Has high interest level
  • Want to persevere and go beyond peers
  • Asks high level questions
  • Can elaborate in depth and breadth in detail
  • Makes strong connections within mathematical concepts
  • Is curious, imaginative, spontaneous and / or divergent
  • Connects unrelated ideas in unique ways
  • Considers solutions not thought of
  • Tests limits and barriers
  • Loves unusual ideas and questions
  • Overflows with ideas-many may never be developed
  • Enjoys off-the-wall humor
  • Daydreams; may seem off task
  • Questions the need for mastery
  • Can challenge peers and / or authority; sees exceptions
  • May not be motivated by grades
  • Takes an active role in decision-making
  • Can foresee consequences and implication of decisions
  • Follows through
  • Is sought by peers as a leader
  • Can accomplish tasks with little or no assistance
  • Takes responsibility for successes and failures
  • Seeks to serve through community organizations
  • Fills extra time with artistic activities
  • Shows high level of satisfaction in the arts
  • Displays high level of interest and perseverance in the arts
  • Makes up original work
  • The need to be artistic may override academic needs

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